Contact details for Aman Bank services
Documents and dedicated emails and phone numbers to contact for Aman Bank services

Card Services

Block or renew your card:

You have to send a picture where you are holding your passport, Dollar Currency Purchase Form and be sure to make a yes in the box (Do you want to renew your card) located in the middle of the form and a demand stating the purpose.

Prepaid Cards requests:

Card Request Form to receive card by post.

FCBL and card renew form.

Phone number to activate cards:


Phone numbers for card problems:



Money Transfers and Payments

Western Union money transfer form

Money Transfer form

Phone number to add a local beneficiary: 00218942192231

Aman Pay QR

Aman Mobile

Aman Mobile subscription form for individuals

Aman Mobile subscription form for companies

Aman mobile service Phone Number:




Opening letter of credits

Letter of Credit Form

Know Your Customer "KYC" Form submitted by the Central Bank of Libya when opening an account for companies, to submit an application for treatment and study outside Libya.

Current account opening form.


External Operations Department Phone number: 00218945515491

Email to accept Selfie:

You have to send a Selfie/ Family register certificate/ Dollar Currency Purchase Form

Chargeback inquiries:

You have to send full name/Account number/Chargeback/Card type Visa or Master

Email to open specific accounts for the 10000-dollar allowance for people outside of Libya:

You have to contact them, fill the requested forms and then stamp them at the embassy.

Email to open specific accounts for the 500-dollar allowance:

Email for the new born



Our customers

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