What is Mudharaba?
This is an agreement made between two parties: one which provides ‘100 percent of the capital’ for the project and another party known as a ‘Mudarib’ who using his entrepreneurial skills, manages the project.

Profits arising from the project are distributed according to a predetermined ratio. Any losses accruing are borne by the provider of capital. The provider of capital has no control over the management of the project. A form of partnership where one party provides the funds and the other party provides expertise.

  • Provider of funds is called ‘Rabb-ul-Maal’ and the entrepreneur is called ‘Mudarib’
  • Profit sharing ratio is determined at the time of entering into the Mudarabah agreement
  • Loss is fully borne by the Rabb-ul-Mal
  • For the deposit management, Aman Bank create different pools of investment keeping in view the risk and maturity profile of the depositors
  • Types of Mudarabah financing
  • Al-Mudarabah Al-Muqayyada: restricted Mudarabah
  • Al-Mudarabah Al-Mutlaqah: unrestricted Mudarabah
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Shariah compliance
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The activity of the contract project object must be lawful.
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The investor can select the project to which his deposits will be allocated, or grant free management of his funds for the benefit of Moudhareb.

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