What is Aman whatspp and Viber

Aman Bank recently launched its latest services in the field of digital transformation which is Aman Whatsapp and Viber service to expand the range of its services into the most widely used social network platforms " Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber".

This service is derived from the virtual assistant Dareen and it allows Aman bank customers to perform a range of different banking services with a click of a mouse. 

Aman WhatsApp and Viber benefits :


  • easy to use.

  • highly secured.

  • no need to visit the Bank

Services provided by Aman WhatsApp and Viber
woman outside wearing hijab looking at her mobile phone
Account Services
  • View Account Balance
  • View Recent Transactions
Senior man wearing glasses looking at his tablet
Payment Services
  • Transfer Funds
  • Stop Payments
  • View Pending Payments
  • View Blocked Payments
Card Services
  • Get Card Status
  • Activate / Block Card
  • Capture Card
  • Request PIN
  • Request to Reset Card PIN
  • Get Expiry Date of Card
Business woman at ATM using cardless services
Generate Transaction ID
  • Card Printing
  • Cheque book Printing
Man holding card while typing on laptop and smiling.
Other services
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Raise a Claim
  • Cardless Transaction

Our customers

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