customer onboarding kiosk

It is one of the latest kiosks provided by Aman Bank, which enable customers to open their accounts by themselves without the need to go to any bank counter.

card printing kiosk
chequebook printing kiosk

chequebook printing Kiosk enables customers to print and receive their activated chequebook within two minutes.

cheque book printing kiosk
card printing kiosk

Card Printing kiosk enables customers to print local and international Visa or MasterCard cards within two minutes.

card printing kiosk
cash deposit kiosk

The cash deposit kiosk is characterized by the feature of sorting damaged and counterfeited currency, and the speed of counting approximately 600 papers per minute.

Cash deposit kiosk
Multi function kiosk

Multi-function kiosk provides the following services:

- Account statement printing 

- Swift transfers

- Western Union transfers 

- Self and internal transfers 

- Print certified checks 

- Recharge the phone balance 

Multi-function kiosk
How to use customer onboarding kiosk ?
The features provided by Aman Bank Kiosks :

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