Benefits of Maarya:
  • Maarya understands your natural language, in English or Arabic
  • No need to switch between long menu lists
  • Save time by skipping lists and getting you to the right destination.
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Tips on how to talk to Maarya:

  • Please mention your national number with crossed words to verify the identity.
  • Please call from the number listed in your account in the system so that Maarya can serve you.
  • If you call from a non-registered number, you will be directed to customer service.
  • Inform Maarya about your specific purpose of the call so that she can effectively assist you such as "account balance", "account activity" ... etc.
  • Avoid using long sentences and general words such as "I have a problem", etc.
  • Make your call from a quiet environment
  • Please speak in the language you have selected
  • Please listen to her responses carefully and choose from the options provided by her.
  • If you want to speak with customer service directly, press the star key followed by the number 9 at any time.
How to contact Maarya

This video explains how to get the most out of your interaction with Maarya service. or you can download our user guide.

“Maarya” is the first service of its kind in Libya
Whether you want to ask about balance or need assistance to make a transfer, Aman Bank provides this service to support you with a full range of other banking services.Maarya can converse with you and answer your inquiry.
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Account enquiries
  • Balance enquiry
  • Bank transactions enquiry
  • Check pending payments
  • Blocked payment enquiry
  • Latest offers update
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Account instructions
  • Update account information
  • Stop payment instructions
  • Bill payments reminder
  • National ID requests/updates
  • Phone Number update
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Money Transfers
  • Internal transfer
  • International transfer
  • Foreign currency exchange services
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Card services
  • Card status/expiry date update
  • Card activation/blocking request
  • New/renew card request
  • Refresh/Reset card's PIN
  • Card capture request
  • And more other services
Call us now

Libya: 1514

International: 00218-21-3660600

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