About Aman Bank mobile branches

Since 2008, Aman Bank has supplied 10 mobile branches from the German company Mercedes. And as a result of the circumstances that the country went through, some of these mobile branches were vandalized. And recently Aman Bank maintained them and relaunched them in different regions to operate throughout the week and to receive customer requests.

Aman mobile branch
Aman Mobile Branch Services :
  • Cash deposit .
  • Opening a bank account using customer onboarding kiosk.
  • Subscribe to online banking.
  • Banking inquiries.
  • Account statement printing.
  • ATM Withdrawal.
  • Activating and resetting card PIN.  
  • Prinitng Visa and Mastercard local and international using card printing kiosk. 
Aman Mobile Van
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Our mobile branches are able to meet the banking needs directly to the bank's customers anywhere.

Our mobile branch

Our customers

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