Buy your tickets online, make your hotel reservations, pay your bills, do your shopping. A prepaid card is simple: you order your card, then reload when you want and you set your purchases on all websites with ease and safety.
  • Instance issuance
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Purchase 7/7 and 24h/24
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Payments for Purchases

All merchants displaying Visa
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Balance Enquiry

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Transaction History

How to apply
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Download the relevant account opening form

Download the form or collect one at your local branch.
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Bring it to one of our branches

Make sure to bring your ID card and the application form. You don't need an appointment.
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We'll post you your new card and account details.

Once it's complete we'll send you a letter with your account details and your new banking card.

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Virtual Prepaid Card

Aman Bank gives you a new safe way to shop online using its Virtual Prepaid Card.
  • Safer than cash: Unlike cash, if you register your prepaid card and it's lost or stolen, your money can be recovered.
  • Convenient and easy: Getting a prepaid card is easy, there's no credit check. You can also use your card to shop online.
  • Only spend what is on the card
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Biometric Cards

Fingerprint activated MasterCard. The safest card for in-store purchases.
To apply you must be 18+ and a Libyan resident
  • To apply you must be 18+ and a Libyan resident
  • Enhanced security.
  • Speedy transactions.
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