Benefits Of 3D Secure System
  • It strengthen the protection and the safety of the card holders from fraud during online shopping.
  • The shopping ceiling is open depending on your available balance.
  • If the merchant doesn ’t use 3D secure system you won ’t need to enter any OTP (one time password).
procedures of 3D secure system

1 - Go to the merchant website that uses 3d secure system.

2- Go to the Payment page.

3-Enter AMAN bank card details.

4-The customer will receive the 6 digits OTP via his email or phone number or email listed in the system and the validity of this OTP is 5 minutes.

5- Enter the OTP on the payment credential screen and complete the transaction after successfully verifying and authenticating the OTP password.

Black corporate business card on a black background
3D Secured Cards

1- FCBL card.

2- FCLYD card.

3- FCY card.

4- World card.

5- World Elite card.

6- Gold card.

7- Platinum card.

8- Master Net Card "Virtual Prepaid."

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