Innovation in banking
Aman Bank is passionate about innovation and banking services facilities that it provides to its customers individuals, corporates, students and employees.

Aman Bank collaborates with international companies like Oracle and Mastercard to develop innovative solutions around specific themes that drive value for the Bank and its partners.

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New Security Features
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Pattern Based Authentication

Am personal cards additionalservices

PIN Based Authentication

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Facial Recognition Based Authentication

Ab personal cards biometric security

Fingerprint Based Authentication

New Payments Features
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Aman Pay

This Feature enable users to initiate payments towards merchants by simply scanning the merchant’s QR code using the application. (It was a different app but in the new version of Aman Mobile, it is a feature instead)
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Siri payments can be made to existing payees across different payee categories. The match is based on the nickname of the payee maintained in the system. The payment is authenticated with use of touch ID / Face ID as a passcode.
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Chatbot Mobile Banking Application
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Fund Transfer
  • Locate ATM or Branch
  • View Recent Transactions
Chatbot on Facebook Messenger
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Fund Transfer
  • Locate ATM or Branch
  • View Recent Transactions

Transactions Authentication

Alternative 2 Factor Authentication Method which replaced SMS and Email OTP

Aman Secure application

Aman Secure application is a two-factor authentication based PIN protecting the Customer’s sensitive information and data. AMAN Secure is a software-based security token that generates a single-use 6 digit login PIN. When a customer initiates any transaction using Aman Mobile application, the bank will need to verify the identity of the customer and the system will ask for a verification code in order to complete the transaction, the verification code is correspondent to Authorization Code present in the transaction screen of Aman mobile, and the customer will get the verification code from Aman Secure application.


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