Announcement to the honorable audience

Based on the continuous directives by the Central Bank of Libya regarding the protection of bank clients, and work to lay the foundations necessary to provide and improve the required services in a manner that meets their needs and in the easiest way.

Pursuant to the Central Bank of Libya Circular No. (03/2020), which included the need to take several steps to serve and protect clients.

Aman Bank announces that it has established an independent unit specialized in handling customers' complaints under the name (Customer Complaints Handling Unit). It has started for some time to receive any complaints submitted by the bank’s clients and follow up on them until the subject of the complaint is addressed.

The customers of the bank can submit any complaints related to their relationship with the bank and its branches and agencies, provided that the complaint is submitted to the representative of the unit directly in the branches, agencies and departments , Postal mail, or email ( Or, by placing it in the fund designated for that, if it is found in each branch or agency, provided that the complaint is submitted on the form prepared for that which the client will find a copy of at the branch or agency, or on the bank’s official website.

The bank confirms that the complaints submitted by its customers will receive all the attention of the competent unit and the general administration of the bank, and the response will reach them if necessary on their registered phones, hoping that they will satisfy them in all cases.

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