What is Istisna’a?
Istisna is a contract of exchange, whereby the funding party agrees to deliver a commodity or an asset at a pre-determined future time at an agreed price.

Istisna is widely used by Islamic banks and financial institutions to finance the construction of real estate related activity like buildings, warehouses, showrooms, shopping malls, residential towers and villas, as well as manufacturing activity like aircrafts, ships, machines and equipment.

  • Financing Concept:  Financing where payments are made in stages to facilitate step wise progress in the Manufacturing / processing / construction works
  • Sale of the product is transacted before the product comes into existence
  • Variation of Istisna contract: Parallel Istisna
workmen planning
Shariah compliance
Ab islamicbanking istisnaa contract

The activity of the project or the Contract Object nature must be lawful.
Ab islamicbanking istisnaa spec

Commitment of the seller to manufacture the goods in accordance with the specifications.

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