Point of Sale “POS” service
Make purchases electronically through the POS terminals of the bank

Aman Bank offers a unique way to organize and manage cash transactions for its customers through the Point of Sale “POS” service. This Service offers to the customers the option to pay the value of purchases electronically through the POS terminals of the bank.

Man tapping contactless card on reader
The benefits
Ab personal cards biometric convenience

Cashless transaction

Ab pointofsale.min

Higher purchasing power

Ab personal services internetbanking loans.min

Easy Cash management

Ab MPGS.min

Convenient and secure mode of payment

Ab person services pos easeofuse

Ease of Use

Ab person services pos increasedefficiency

Increased Efficiency

Ab person services pos inventorymanagement

Inventory Management

Ab person services pos fasterservice

Faster Service

Ab person services pos reducemistakes

Reduce Mistakes

Ab person services pos reporting


Our customers

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