Benefits of Dareen

Customers can use the virtual assistance "Darren" in order to seek help in inquiring about all banking transactions such as...

  •  Inquiring about your balances.
  •  Inquiring about products and services provided by the bank such as opening a current account for individuals or companies.
  • Inquiring about how to apply for a loan.
  • Inquiring about any reserved value.
  • Inquiring about transferring between accounts and other services.
chatbot Aman Bank, Libya

Tips on how to talk to Dareen:

  • Tap on the message icon on our facebook page.
  • Tap the messenger "get started" bottom.
  • Type help me.
  • Choose the service you want.
  • Type "Ok" anytime to end the session.
“Dareen” is the first service of its kind in Libya
Whether you want to ask about balance or need assistance to inquire about making a transfer, Aman Bank provides this service to support you with a full range of other banking services. Dareen can converse with you and answer your inquiry.
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Account enquiries
  • Balance enquiry
  • Bank transactions enquiry
  • Pending payments enquiry
  • Blocked payment enquiry
  • Latest offers update
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