aman pay qr for safe shopping

Aman Pay QR

We reiterate our constant concern for your safety and to preserve the non-transmission of infection and to avoid the use of paper money for its ability to help viruses to spread quickly, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) publication.

Aman Bank Libya provides you with "Aman Pay QR" service for mobile shopping, supported by MasterCard International, as this service enables you to purchase from electronic and commercial stores without the need to use cash. To use it you have to enter your User ID and password of your account in the application and proceed with the purchase. Transfer immediately from your account to the merchant’s account without charging you "any commissions"

* We clarify some other important points in the process of shopping and purchasing:

  1. With the safety service of "QR", the customer does not bear any commissions when buying through transfer from his account to the merchant account while there is a commission on the merchant 1.5%.
  2. The limit of the weekly shopping and purchase available to the customer is 10,000 Libyan dinars and the withdrawal limit for the merchant is 100%.
  3. Cheque deposing into the QR account, that is accepted into the account within 24 hours for use for purchase.
  4. QR merchants lists include food stores, companies and pharmacies that deal with this service, with their locations determined and published to you periodically via our Facebook page
  5. For any inquiries, please go to the Electronic branch of Ghout al-Shaal or Siyahiya branch in front of the Badr Mosque and contact one of our employees.

Or call one of these numbers for the "QR" service

Inquiries about the QR user code: 0910011848

For QR merchants: 0928182043

Inquiries and financial withdrawals

0923053917 or 0928182043

Or by email


Our customers

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