The benefits
Transferring money between your own accounts helps to keep your spending and saving on track:
  • Immediate funds will clear straight away
  • Choose to defer payment to a specific day and time
  • Specify regular transfers (monthly, annually etc)
How to Transfer Money Between Your Accounts
Once you’ve signed up for Aman Online Banking and downloaded the Aman Mobile App from iTunes or Google Play, transfer money between your own accounts in four simple steps.
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STEP 1: Choose your accounts

Choose the two accounts you wish to transfer money from and to.
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STEP 2: Enter transfer amount

Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer between your accounts.
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STEP 3: Specify payment timing

Choose from an immediate, deferred or regular payment, depending on when you need to access your funds.
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STEP 4: Make and view notes

Narrate personal notes. View them when making future transfers by clicking on the date and payment method.
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