The benefits
  • The cardless ATM service allows users to share their bank codes with their family or friends for quick access to cash.
  • This service also includes banking services without papers or cards.
  • It reduces the costs of fraud at the ATM with the use of digital tokens and mobile device based authentication.
  • This feature is a safe, a convenient and a secure way enabling our customers to withdraw cash whenever they need to, without using their wallet.
How to use this service
You can use this service with Aman Mobile application as follows:
Ab personal services cardlesspayments 1.min

Step 1

Sign in to the Application, click on “more” and select “Cardless Service”
Ab personal services cardlesspayments 2.min

Step 2

After selecting the amount to be checked out, you will receive a reference and a text message. Thus, you can send this reference and PIN to whom you want to withdraw
Ab corporate bankforward 2login.min

Step 3

The beneficiary then clicks the button “Cardless Service” in ATM machine, inserts the reference, confirms, then writes the PIN and withdraws finally the amount. It is an internal transfer in Libyan Dinars.

Our customers

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