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Use our fast, secure Western Union Money Transfer Service to take care of your mortgage, auto and credit card payments. You can also count on our convenient service when you need to quickly send funds to other bank accounts or pick up money while you’re overseas.

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How to Make a Western Union Transfer
It is simple to send money in person. Just go to any of our convenient Branch or Mobile locations, countrywide – we’re probably right around the corner.
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Complete the form

Fill out the required form. Then, simply show the Agent clerk your identification card.
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Present payment

Give the Agent clerk the form, cash and sign the receipt.
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Get the receipt

Your receipt will have the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) so you can track the status of your transfer online.
How to Pick up a Money Transfer
It is easy to receive money in person, just go to any of our worldwide Western Union Agent locations.
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STEP 1: Visit an Agent location

You will need to provide the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your Sender’s receipt to the agent.
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STEP 2: Identify yourself

Simply give the Agent your identification card.
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STEP 3: Sign the receipt

Review and sign the receipt that the Agent gives you.
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STEP 4: Receive the money

The Agent will give you the money that was sent to you with a copy of the receipt and you are on your way.
Western Union Money Transfer FAQs

All countries accept Western Union transfers. However, it is known that Western Union transfers cannot be sent to some countries that suffer from wars or instability like(Syria - Afghanistan, etc.).Western Union company sends a list of those country names.

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