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Biometric Cards

What happens if there’s a sweaty, dirty or greasy fingerprint? Is there a second presentment or option for Cardholder Verification Method [CVM]? Or is the transaction just declined?

Mastercard is setting up performance requirements and a testing framework which will work for different climates and environmental conditions. However, there are some technical limitations. If someone has a very greasy finger, the biometrics may not work and instead the card will fall back to a secondary CVM such as PIN or signature, set by the bank.

What are the benefits for merchants?

While stakeholders, economics and opportunities may differ, when it comes to preserving revenue, lowering decline rates of good cardholders and ensuring efficient operations are top priorities for merchants - with the majority indicating that innovative technology is crucial to enhancing security.

What are the terminal requirements for Merchants to accept the card?

The solution requires no changes for acquirers or merchant hardware or software as it is compatible with any type of EMV-enabled terminal that has satisfactorily completed the Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (TIP).

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