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When crediting the prepaid card to use it for the online shopping , would the amount be deducted from the account in Dinars according to the exchange rate or shall I credit in Dollars Cash in the Dollar’s account ?

You can link your prepaid card to your FCY account or to your FCBL account by crediting it then charge it,or paying cash in dollars by going to one of our branches.

How long does it take to use my prepaid card?

Once you register for a prepaid card with Aman Mobile application and make sure to enter all the data, you will receive a One Time Password on your phone number and e-mail, enter the necessary data and click on confirm. After that you will receive an SMS with the user name, password, a hidden card number. To get all other information such as the expiration date, card operations and other, you only have to log in to the application and choose your prepaid card. Follow the Service Video in Aman Mobile page.

What are my daily withdrawal limits for Cardless Service?

The daily withdrawal limits for cardless is 200 LYD

Is “Cardless” service secure?

Yes, Cardless service is secure. Given that you do not need to insert a card; this service eliminates the possibility of skimming your card and protects your PIN from being hacked at the ATM.

I mistakenly entered a wrong PIN for my debit card 3 times. Now the card is blocked for transactions. Knowing that my Card is a local one. How can I resolve this issue? How can I refresh it?

Aman Mobile Application offers a lot of services, including card’s PIN reset. Please check this service video in Aman Mobile page.

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