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Internal Transfer

How to make an internal transfer after completing all the previous procedures?

To do the transfer:

  • Step 1. After logging to Aman Mobile go to “Payments”, choose “Payments and Transfers”
  • Step 2. Choose “Transfer Money”
  • Step 3. You will get the list of Payees already created, choose your internal payee,fill the necessary data and Confirm.
  • Step 4. Transfer done successfully.
How to activate the payee that I have created

To finish the rest of Steps, you have to use Aman Secure Application.

  • Step 1. After logging to Aman Secure Application,get the verification code.
  • Step 2. Enter this code in Aman Mobile Payee Confirmation Screen.
  • Step 3. Click on Confirm.
  • Step 4. Now your payee created successfully.
How can I add an internal Payee via Aman Mobile application? For emergency reasons, I can't go to one of bank branches to make the transfer?

To make the transfer from your account to other accounts within Aman Bank, you must first add an internal Payee.Aman Mobile application enables you to view your Payees full information list, edit, delete,and specify a short name for each Payee.

  • Step 1. After registering, go to “Payments” and choose “Setups”
  • Step 2. Choose “Manage Payees”
  • Step 3. Click on the Add button, choose "Internal", then fill out all the information
  • Step 4. Click "Add", check the data and Confirm

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