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Biometric Cards

What are the terminal requirements for Merchants to accept the card?

The solution requires no changes for acquirers or merchant hardware or software as it is compatible with any type of EMV-enabled terminal that has satisfactorily completed the Mastercard Terminal Integration Process (TIP).

Western Union Money Transfers

After performing the transfer, what is the required procedure to transfer the rest of the amount?

The remaining amount of the Personal Purpose Grant $ 2070 is withdrawn by card.

What is the mechanism used in transferring the amount of personal purposes?

The used mechanism is for the customer to receive two orders, amounting to $7500 (without charges) detailed as follows (5000$,2812$).

Is there a commission for WESTERN UNION company and how much?

Yes, over the amount

Is there a daily transfer limit?

$5000 per day.

What is the Bank commission?

1.5% for any amount.

Can the transfer be received by a foreigner who is not Libyan?

Yes it can.

Does the receiver match the sender?

The receiver can transfer the money to himself or to anyone.

Which countries accept the transfer?

All countries accept Western Union transfers. However, it is known that Western Union transfers cannot be sent to some countries that suffer from wars or instability like(Syria - Afghanistan, etc.).Western Union company sends a list of those country names.

What is the required procedure for a customer who wishes to transfer via a western union transfer ?

After filling in the form, visit one of our branches with a copy of the passport and the national number.

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